History of Pickers Paradise Park

Max Tillman has been playing music since he was a small boy. While he was in the army, he traveled all around the world meeting many musicians, and playing music every chance he had. During this time, Max made many friends with people all around the world. Some friends that have come to befriend Max, now travel here from as far as Germany and Australia to spend time with Max. They come to play the sweet historysounds of bluegrass. Some have even immigrated here.

The history of Pickers Paradise Park dates back 20 yrs. when Max Tillman began having large family oriented outings, inviting the many people he had met over the years to come and have a two day picking. Max has four children whom all play bluegrass, although it was his son Pat who shared his love to one day start a festival and in 2002, under a pole barn at Pat’s residence, the first Pickin’ Park was born. Anyone and everyone the Tillmans knew were invited to come and pick or merely enjoy the music. As the festival grew, 125 RV hookups were added, a new stage was built with an old-time look and feel, and the old pole barn became a 150 foot covered seating area with a PA system and a full kitchen. Plans are in the works for additional improvements making the festival a more complete event.

The name, Pickers Paradise Park, derived from the early days when parking lot pickers were the main attraction. The surrounding area is home to many bluegrass bands and fans alike. Given these factors, along with the great relationships formed between the Tillmans and local bands such as South GA. Grass, Cypress Creek, and the Bottom Dollar Boys, it only seemed right to offer everyone a piece of the fun.

Even today the musicians are a major element of the festival. Many talented players of all ages form jam sessions throughout the park. Just about all hours of the day and even many hours into the night, you can stop and listen to at least a handful of pickin’ sessions at any time, throughout the park. So come join us at Pickers Paradise Park and help add to the rich bluegrass tradition we deeply cherish.